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Mar 28, 2024


Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’ve partnered with Schwank Grills to cut y’all a deal (00:26)! Malcom had a BLAST down at the Beast & Brews wild game cookoff (01:22), where the guys whipped up some KILLER wild boar bacon (05:50), and some DELICIOUS drinks to go with it (10:50)! When you're cookin' up a burger, how do YOU like it cooked (16:46)? Here's some of the secrets of WHY your pellet grill goes ablaze during your cook (22:16)... Easter is HOPPIN' in fast this weekend (24:13)! Can you inject a pre-smoked ham (27:20)? Malcom loves smoking crab legs on the pellet grill (29:50), and here's how he does it (36:10)! Looking for a new grill to add to your arsenal? Primo Ceramic Grills has you covered (38:14)! Here’s how Malcom sources wood for his smokers (39:02). Is making your own charcoal worth the long process (44:55)? Can you REALLY taste different flavors of wood, when smoking meat (47:48)? Malcom doesn’t recommend smoking a strip loin like a brisket… but here’s how you should be smoking them (50:52)! This is the difference in smoking a brisket for a competition versus smoking a backyard brisket (52:41). What is rib bacon (54:52)? Would Malcom recommend a Pit Boss or Recteq Pellet Grill (58:24)? What’s up next at HowToBBQRight HQ (1:00:13)?