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Dec 15, 2023

In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, we have FINALLY reached the end of season 6 (00:21)! I pick Malcom’s brain about his “Holly Jolly Tri-Tip'' recipe (02:05). If you’re cooking a prime rib for Christmas this year, here’s some tips you NEED to know (10:55). Has Malcom ever smoked a DUCK for Christmas dinner (14:40)? I get the scoop on ALL of what Malcom’s cooking up for me this Christmas (17:03)... I’ve seen plenty of kitchen gadgets, but this one might be next on my Christmas list (22:49). Everyone loves getting food gifts at Christmas, but does anyone ACTUALLY like fruit cake (26:12)? Here’s a recipe for those braver than us to give a shot (28:30). I give the spill on my TOP SECRET holiday cheese ball recipe (32:52). What are Malcom’s favorite drinks to kick off the holiday season (38:28)? We’ve seen many of marinades in our time cooking, but this one is a little… spotty (42:01) Finally, we close out with answering some of YOUR Christmas cooking questions (44:56), and what Malcom’s gearing up to cook here on this holiday break (55:12)!